I am running for 5th District Supervisor because we need better balance on the board. When we have equal consideration of all perspectives it creates a better chance for lasting solutions.  I love Humboldt County’s people and natural resources and want to find innovative, long lasting solutions to the challenges we face in our communities. As a successful business owner, teacher, and Executive Director I’ve worked to bring together people with multiple interests to create positive change.  I see some of the biggest challenges that our country faces right now being creating living wage jobs, reducing crime, addiction and homelessness, and ensuring healthy rivers, forests, and beaches.

We need fair representation, accessible participation, and honest consideration for all sides of an issue. I will work on solutions to create a healthy, safe and sustainable community that we will be proud to leave our children and grandchildren.  I hope you give me the opportunity to work for you as your 5th district supervisor.


I have known Steve Madrone for many years.  He is a rare person....thoroughly committed to improving our quality of life and the natural resources of our community.  He is a thoughtful listener.  He has an ability to smoothly work with competing interests toward low-cost solutions to our evolving environmental and social issues.
— Dwight Miller, Mayor of Trinidad

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Instructor of Forestry and Watershed Management        Watershed Consulting and Contracting

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