Vote for Change

It takes leadership and courage for “citizen politicians” to resist the whims of entrenched local elites. Wealthy, irresponsible commercial, development and marijuana interests, their attorneys, lobbyists and apologists usually outspend opponents to win the local candidates they back, who are then appointed to the planning commission as we’ve seen, once again, with the disgraced developers appointed by Sundberg and Bass.

Steve's record of success

Steve's record of success in bringing North Coast communities together with federal and state agencies to restore the bounty of our natural environment speaks loudly of his qualifications. He has been awarded for his leadership with top honors from organizations I have been actively involved with, including American Fisheries Society and Salmonid Restoration Federation.

We have seen what our current supervisor has and has not produced; I believe Steve is best qualified to lead efforts to improve lives in the Fifth District.

Robert Franklin, McKinleyville

Steve makes the effort to connect with people in 5th district

It was a lazy Saturday. And then the doorbell rang. Was it that door-to-door accordion saleswoman again? No. It was Steve Madrone himself, trying to convince me to vote for him for Fifth District supervisor. Steve says that mine was the 3,001st door that he'd knocked on since he started campaigning. For that kind of effort to talk to as many people in the district as possible (and a bunch of other reasons), he gets my vote.

J.A. Savage, Trinidad

Madrone is a proven job-creator

The Hammond Trail would not have come to fruition without Mr. Madrone's ability to unite people and move projects. Countless times I have taken my triplet boys on the Hammond Trail ... a treasure! The Hammond Trail has inspired new trail projects across the county.

Steve Madrone is a proven job-creator whose work, projects and grant-writing skills have improved life in the Fifth District and in Humboldt County as a whole. He has the vision to recognize not only the present needs but also the future needs of the Fifth District. Vote for Madrone!

Truth or campaigning: Who supported what when?

I read the recent letter from Ryan Sundberg with skepticism (“Sundberg: At no time did I support the permit app,” Times-Standard, May 10, Page A4). He states that “At no time did I support the permit application.” This is confusing because in the Mercer-Fraser letter to the county it says, “With the assistance of Supervisor Ryan Sundberg, MCMP met with the Water District on multiple occasions to discuss the Project. In a show of good faith towards resolving the Water District’s concerns, MCMP voluntarily placed limits on the Project and revised its operations plan to satisfy the Water District.”

Why I Support Steve Madrone for supervisor

To my way of thinking, nothing is more paramount than protecting and preserving the qualities that make Humboldt County such an ideal place to live. While a healthy economy is important, thoughtful, careful development is what we need to help preserve the qualities that make our county so desirable. Our fragile ecosystems cannot support reckless development for the sake of money.

Madrone Endorsed by Humboldt Democrats and Three Tribes

I'd suggest people read the op-ed piece in the Times-Standard ("Incumbents Endorsing Incumbents," April 26), which explains how our representatives in Congress, Assembly and state Senate ignore the endorsements of our local Democratic central committee to endorse incumbents. Four years ago, Huffman endorsed incumbent Ryan Sundberg even before the filing date for candidates closed.

A change is clearly needed. Vote for Steve Madrone!

When there was a slight possibility to keep Sinclair Media from devouring some of our local airwaves, I called our supervisors to see if they would express concern to the FCC about this sale/takeover by this mega media giant.

I actually spoke with Mr. Sundberg. He commented how he had received calls from other people regarding this issue, yet he was totally clueless and what was worse, he was dismissive. I was basically ignored.