Vote for Steve's vision and leadership

Don't you agree that the job of a Supervisor is to ensure the life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness of ALL the people living here? We have endured decades of Supervisors who chased the glitter of every boom/bust deadend economy--which required accepting an impoverished future, extinction of salmon, devastated natural resources, toxic pulp mill stink, fire prone tiny tree plantations, boarded up storefronts---while scaring away tourists seeking clean water and air, thriving nature and rivers.

For far too long Humboldt County citizens have been defeated the Board's lack of vision, skill, commitment, integrity and leadership.

We are blessed with this opportunity to restore our economic future by electing Steve Madrone for 5th District Supervisor. For decades, Steve Madrone has worked tirelessly with hundred of people in many communities throughout the County on projects and goals leading to long term prosperity.

Vote for Steve's vision and leadership as demonstrated in trail systems and habitat restoration, community forestry, and tuning Humboldt into the clean natural thriving destination that it once was and could be for generations to come! The incumbent intends continue with the same tired politics and failures that have so smeared the current Board. 

2018 is the year that we American Citizens take back our government--a livable full employment future-- for the people, by the people---Vote for Steve Madrone!

Jesse Noell, Elk R