Private property rights

Private property rights is one of the most polarizing issues in Humboldt.  There is righteousness on both sides: owners defending rights to do whatever they want on their land vs neighboring owners and community members defending their land or the public trust from spillover effects.

Laws and policies are under constant pressure to give in to one side or the other, without the hope of any regulations working for everyone, and under the sad reality that the top priority for most of us is to protect immediate benefits for ourselves and our families and associates, even at costs to future generations.

This is why I believe our Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, and advisory committees should have more balanced representation.  Every difficult issue has too many important considerations for any one person or interest group to fully comprehend.  Like the elephant and the blind men, we need different perspectives, abilities, and values working together to describe and deal with the whole thing. 

Joyce King, McKinleyville