MMAC does not represent the community

Can Supervisor Sundberg really be credited with “saving” the McKinleyville Community Plan? Like any wide-ranging policy document, it is full of compromises between opposing viewpoints, and uses language open to interpretation.  It would be more accurate to say he “saved” parts important to certain groups, while suppressing parts important to others. 

He deserves credit for complying with the Plan’s mandate for a McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (MMAC), but the committee’s membership does not fairly represent the spectrum of community interests, its scope is very narrow, and its style of operation discourages public input.   For most of its existence, it has not functioned as the true voice of the community intended by the Community Plan. 

As for the Town Center, credit for the resurrection of this part of the Community Plan, and for pursuing the Central Ave safety project definitely belong to the McKinleyville Organizing Committee (MOC).  Many may remember the MOC’s large community rallies to bring the county leadership together and extract commitments to move these projects forward against the reluctance of the MMAC and influential business interests.

I’d like a supervisor for the 5th District who will respect all of the perspectives and effort that went into creating the McKinleyville Community Plan, and will bring balance to the Planning Commission and MMAC.  Please help elect Steve Madrone.  


Linda Goff Evans, McKinleyville