Elect a supervisor who understands science

Of the campaign issues in the 5th District, rezoning of the Mad River floodplain, still stands out. It alarms me that the policies of the four-member majority on this Board of Supervisors and its appointees to the Planning Commission would allow zoning for industrial activities which could threaten public drinking water and important fish habitat.

Steve Madrone says the floodplain can be zoned agricultural under the new General Plan while the supervisor and Planning Commission say it is required to be zoned industrial. Madrone is right (https://www.hbmwd.com/files/f37c398ca/TLG+response+to+Planning+dept+05-17-18.pdf).

I hope we elect a supervisor who understands and respects science and agency experts, and who makes the effort to understand land use regulations as Steve Madrone does.

Robert Fornes, McKinleyville