Vote Madrone

In the April 23 debate between the candidates for Fifth District county supervisor, Ryan Sundberg claimed that he never supported the Mercer-Fraser marijuana refinery next to our Mad River water supplies. But Mercer-Fraser had the permit request in by 2015, and it depended on exactly the re-designation of the land that Ryan supported in the GPU 20 months later. What does this say about Ryan's due diligence before green lighting a project he didn't want?

We will need better diligence to protect us from Mercer-Fraser's asphalt plant in Big Lagoon, which features the same "butter crumb plant" that created a public health nuisance near Outlet Creek in Mendocino, resulting in hefty fines, partly because Mercer-Fraser defied agency attempts to abate it.

Steve Madrone specializes in looking at issues in depth, keeping the interests of the whole community in mind rather than "special interests." He has my vote.

Meighan O'Brien, McKinleyville