Vote Madrone

After attending the Fifth District supervisor candidate forum on April 23 in McKinleyville ("So Many Questions," April 26), all I can say is hooray for Madrone!

While I sincerely appreciate what Ryan Sundberg has done for McKinleyville, and how he has responded to some neighborhood concerns, he has had eight long years and I think it's time to look at bigger issues with the life experience and imagination that Madrone has.

Steve Madrone has been around for a long time and has been a quiet and steady mover in much that has happened in Humboldt County. He has demonstrated the ability to work productively with people from different perspectives because he is willing to take the time necessary to consider varying points of view. I don't want to lose the chance to take advantage of Madrone's knowledge and wide-ranging interests and skills. And I would like to see more balance on the board of supervisors, which I believe Steve Madrone will provide.

Carol Moné, Trinidad