Fifth District deserves a supervisor who gets it

Humboldt County’s Fifth District has not had a Supervisor who represents the views of the majority of its residents for quite some time. Fortunately, we now have the chance to change that.

In the eight years since he became a supervisor, Ryan Sundberg has shown again and again that he’s not in line with his constituents. Ballot measures provide a couple of clear examples: 2014’s Measure P and 2016’s Measure V both passed with majority support in the Fifth District, but they were only on the ballot because Sundberg joined other supervisors in refusing to pass them as a board. The same thing looks set to happen this year with the sanctuary county ordinance, which Sundberg also opposes. Steve Madrone, his opponent, supports it.

More than 15 years ago, McKinleyville residents participated in an open public planning process to create a community plan focused on a new town center. Sundberg has consistently refused to bring forward any ordinances to implement the plan. Madrone supports the town center concept.

Fifth District residents care about protecting our rivers, our forests and our coast. Sundberg supported General Plan changes which encourage irresponsible development in floodplains and forests, and in his first year on the Coastal Commission has one of the worst conservation voting records of any commissioner. Madrone, meanwhile, has devoted his life to conservation and habitat restoration.

The Fifth District deserves a supervisor whose views and actions align with the majority of its residents. It’s time for a change. Vote Madrone!

Colin Fiske, McKinleyville