Vote for Change

It takes leadership and courage for “citizen politicians” to resist the whims of entrenched local elites. Wealthy, irresponsible commercial, development and marijuana interests, their attorneys, lobbyists and apologists usually outspend opponents to win the local candidates they back, who are then appointed to the planning commission as we’ve seen, once again, with the disgraced developers appointed by Sundberg and Bass.

The impacts of this ongoing, money-corrupted political legacy are indisputable: decades of haphazard developments that have left Eureka’s streets unsafe to walk, bike or drive; job-killing brownfields and blight; chronic shortages in affordable housing; impaired watersheds; collapsing biodiversity; massive unfunded infrastructure liabilities; and the seething irony of abandoned buildings, homes and motels amid a crisis of homeless men, women and children.

Please vote “no” to incumbents Sundberg and Bass and keep voting for change until we get independent representation with the courage to place resident’s safety, security, and quality of life, (the foundation for real, long-term job growth), above short-term greed we can no longer afford.

George Clark, Eureka