Madrone is a proven job-creator

I have known and worked with Stephen Madrone for 45 years. I have witnessed his excellent work ethic, honesty and family values put into constant practice. He is an idea man who demonstrates the ability to put those ideas into motion and on the ground for the betterment of the people and land of Humboldt County. 

The Hammond Trail would not have come to fruition without Mr. Madrone's ability to unite people and move projects. Countless times I have taken my triplet boys on the Hammond Trail ... a treasure! The Hammond Trail has inspired new trail projects across the county.

Steve Madrone is a proven job-creator whose work, projects and grant-writing skills have improved life in the Fifth District and in Humboldt County as a whole. He has the vision to recognize not only the present needs but also the future needs of the Fifth District. Vote for Madrone!

Vaughn Hutchins, Blue Lake