Why I Support Steve Madrone for supervisor

Humboldt County’s 5th District has been my home since 1970. It is a place like no other. I am a professional artist, so in addition to being my home, it has also been the source of my inspiration, having a plethora of world class scenery.

To my way of thinking, nothing is more paramount than protecting and preserving the qualities that make Humboldt County such an ideal place to live. While a healthy economy is important, thoughtful, careful development is what we need to help preserve the qualities that make our county so desirable. Our fragile ecosystems cannot support reckless development for the sake of money.

Humboldt County stands at a crossroads. I support Steve Madrone because I think he has the values, wisdom and experience to guide us in a direction that will benefit all of us and our children & grandchildren.

Susan Morton, McKinleyville