Madrone represents the working people

For over 20 years, Steve Madrone's family and mine shared the miracles of birth, the joys of weddings and the sorrows of death. Steve, his wife and children have contributed amazing work and advocacy in Humboldt County. Throughout those years my career with underprivileged youth, fish habitat and trails allowed me to witness his tireless efforts to create the Hammond Trail and restore salmon in the Mattole.

Steve is able to cut through red tape and political divides to find creative and collaborative solutions to the issues that threaten our community. He's never been beholden to corporations or outside influences. The endorsements and contributions in this race show who represents the working people and who represents the powerful and elite. Steve has proven time and again that he does not cave to pressure, can't be bought and will never stop speaking on behalf of those who have no voice.

Phil Heidrick, McKinleyville