Get out and vote for Steve Madrone on June 5

Watershed health should be a core issue in the Fifth District, which has four of our region's "six rivers" running through it. Thus the lack of understanding of basic principles of watershed function revealed in Supervisor Ryan Sundberg's statement that a hash lab project on the Mad River was not a threat to public health because it would be located 2 feet outside the flood plain, is startling.

Our region is a leader in pioneering the science of watershed restoration. Our scientists and restoration specialists act as consultants to governments and NGO groups all over the world. Steve Madrone has had hands-on involvement in watershed restoration since its beginnings here in Humboldt and understands the importance of watersheds to our health and economy. We need a supervisor with his experience, knowledge and commitment. If you live in the Fifth District, please get out and vote for Steve Madrone on June 5.

Emelia Berol, McKinleyville