Madrone is the best prepared of any candidate

In the 1950s and 60s, when I grew up, scouting was in its heyday and a big part of the lives of my brothers, cousins and friends. It was a big factor in building the character and skills in the ethical and productive men they became. And becoming an Eagle Scout was a big deal then. The percentage of boys involved was large, and very few were able to meet its requirements.

So this one of the many accomplishments in Steve Madrone's resume means a lot to me. It shows in his broad vision, knowledge and curiosity; his large and close family; his deep concern for fairness, community and the future of this planet; and in his energy to work hard and fight for what he thinks is right.

I think he is the best prepared of any candidate I have ever seen for Humboldt County supervisor.

Joyce King, McKinleyville