Sundberg Not Responsive

Fifth District candidate and incumbent Ryan Sundberg cites his endorsement by elected Democratic representatives as proof of his ability to work well across the political spectrum.  I would like to offer some observations and experiences with this.

As a member of the Humboldt Democrats, I became aware that state and federal elected representatives routinely endorse local incumbents without regard to party affiliation or official local party organization endorsements.  This has been a source of dismay for the local Democratic Party, which has asked for explanations, but the standard answer has been that they have working relationships with the incumbents which they do not want to impair.

In closely following the last two supervisorial campaigns, I have noticed that Mr. Sundberg’s described willingness to work with all sides is contradicted by his frequent lack of responsiveness to candidate forums and questionnaires sponsored by organizations on the political left. And I have observed in local policy and decision-making meetings that he and his appointees to other representative bodies rarely solicit or give serious consideration to opinions from outside a like-minded circle of associates.

I would be voting for a well-qualified supervisor who truly wants to consider all perspectives and I feel that candidate as Steve Madrone. Look at his record, hear him at the debates. Then see if you wouldn't agree with me, it's time to vote for a change.

Catherine Hanafi, McKinkeyville

Published in Mad River Union May 16, 2018