Vote Bass and Sundberg out, give rest of us a shot

It’s time for all of us to pay attention. Pay attention to the consequences of our participation or lack of participation in our government. Locally, what we’ve seen since this current group of Board of Supervisors has been voted in is arrogance and mishandling of decisions that have cost us taxpayers thousands of dollars and in some cases, destruction of property.

Bass and Fennell have both appointed developers to the Planning Commission with results of rewriting our General Plan with Ulansey to promote developer’s interests and destruction of land by McKenny. Both Bass and Fennell are responsible and should be held accountable.

Some other costly mistakes by this board was how the public defender was hired without any input by those in the public defender field and then by the arrogance to ignore the overwhelming evidence of how unqualified and incompetent their choice was that was pointed out by a lawsuit and by the staff in the Public Defender’s Office. The lack of good judgment by the board caused many attorneys to leave the department.

How many more thousands of dollars are we going allow this group of poor performers to take from us? It’s time to vote Bass and Sundberg out and give the rest of us a shot at some decent representation. It’s not about how many yard signs they can pay for, it’s about what the rest of us get, not just those who have the most cash.

Martha Johnson, Eureka