Sundberg no help at all for one Trinidad family

I am writing to add my voice to those who endorse Steve Madrone and his call for new leadership and vision in the 5th District. When Madrone says, “It’s time for a change,” he couldn’t be more on target in the case of Ryan Sundberg.

From my perspective as a local resident, Sundberg has done nothing for me, my family or the issues important to us. Most recently, we asked for his help regarding dangerous toxic water pollution and ridiculously heavy truck traffic at the Mercer-Fraser quarry in Trinidad, but Sundberg has been no help at all.

He did come to our neighborhood meeting to discuss concerns about the quarry, but said little. I take that back. At the meeting, Sundberg sat next to his friends, a Mercer-Fraser vice president and a company attorney flown in from Sacramento. That spoke volumes about where Sundberg’s sympathies lie, and about Mercer-Fraser’s concern regarding our complaints about the quarry.

We are fortunate that Steve Madrone offers an alternative and some real experience, leadership and integrity we can trust. Madrone cares about issues affecting the people who live in his district. He has credentials and expertise to address water pollution issues, without the cozy business entanglements that have seemed to get in the way of what really matters to the people of Humboldt and the 5th District.

It is definitely time for a change in Humboldt County leadership.

Brenda Cooper, Trinidad