Sundberg’s misleading claims

Recent letters to the editor in local papers may have left readers with the confused impression that our 5th District County supervisor “did not ever support the permit application” by Mercer-Fraser in public or private.

This is unbelievable, because when I contacted Mr. Sundberg as a constituent, asking him to join the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water district in opposing the cannabis refinery project proposed at the Glendale gravel plant, he did not express any sentiment that could be understood as withholding his support for the permit application.

Instead Ryan stated that he was having conversations with both the Water District and Mercer-Fraser to seek changes that would allow the project to move forward. His actions were not opposing a bad project as many residents had requested, along with the water district. Rather Ryan’s actions were clearly facilitating the cannabis refinery proposal.

To make claims now that he was not in support of the cannabis processing refinery is at a minimum disingenuous, but really such claims are just plain misleading. The residents of the 5th District deserve better representation.

Scott Frazer, Blue Lake