Madrone supports universal health care

Steve Madrone and Ryan Sundberg sparred in Willow Creek over the issue of healthcare, May 2, as follows:

 Sundberg could not support the Healthy California Act (Senate Bill 562) because he "didn't have enough information and did not know how it would be funded." It is known, however, that the board of supervisors received a complete package about the bill last November but was unready to discuss it when it recently came onto their agenda. (See the board in action:

 As for funding, please Google "S.B. 562, Pollin Report" — the only professional assessment of funding done to date. Funding must be done in the Assembly, but first the bill must be un-shelved to be completed. Our job on the local level is to pressure our legislators to summon the political will to do it.

 Madrone supports moving S.B. 562 forward and, unlike his opponent, takes no corporate donations.

 Patty Harvey, Willow Creek