How’d you get a name like that!? Here’s how

In case you were wondering how someone ends up with a name like Steven SunGnome Madrone, it’s one of my favorite family stories from around my parents’ large dinner table where everyone is always welcome.

When my parents were married, my dad’s last name had already been changed when his mother remarried, so my parents decided to choose a new family name. They chose Madrone. It turns out they could not have chosen a more fitting last name for our family, with its far-reaching branches and roots that run deep.

There’s also a story about my dad’s middle name! On a warm and sunny day years ago when my sister was about four, she was playing hide and seek with my dad. He popped up from behind a stump making my sister laugh and she squealed, “You’re like a sun gnome!” And it stuck. She walked around calling him a sun gnome, and pretty soon everyone was calling him SunGnome. He loved that his spunky little daughter had given him a nickname that he couldn’t shake, and eventually made it his middle name. Some people might think these names are funny or weird but for me these names speak to the kind of parent my dad is and the family values that he holds. So there you have it.

Amber Madrone, Fieldbrook