Not dependent on corporate interests’

The Sierra Club, among many other groups, is supporting Stephen Madrone for Fifth District Humboldt County Supervisor. Steve Madrone has been involved in community service here locally for decades. He has a long career in conservation; for example, he was instrumental in building the Hammond Trail.

We need a change. I see Ryan Sundberg as just doing business as usual, supporting corporate efforts that have deleterious effects on the environment, like Mercer-Fraser and the big cannabis effort, which is not undergoing the proper environmental review, right there on the Mad River, and opens the door to allowing questionably safe environmental activities.

Madrone is supported by the Hoopa, Karuk, and tribes, as well as the Central Labor Union, Humboldt County Democrats, Public Employees Association, SEIU, and National Healthcare Workers.

I want someone who is invested in the environment, the community, and not dependent on corporate interests to keep them afloat.

We need someone new in the Fifth District!

Jane Williams, Trinidad