A new era: Vote Madrone for 5th District supervisor

I think most of us know, deep inside, that we are right on the edge of a new era, a new chapter in the history of humanity. We have to be, because we have damaged our Mother Earth so much that, within a very short period of time, we will reach a point of no-return unless we start a completely different way of living. Some call this “the end of days” whilst others call it “the beginning of days.” I prefer to think of the latter.

The new era awaiting us will be lead by a new type of leader compared to the past. The difference will be that the new leaders, whether male or female, will operate from a heart (feeling) perspective instead of today’s leaders who operate from a head (thinking) perspective. These old-school leaders have led us all astray because they themselves are out of balance ... and now our Mother Earth is out of balance too!

For those readers who resonate with these words, and who know that we are all guardians of this planet, it might be an idea to check out Steve Madrone, a candidate for 5th District Supervisor in the upcoming election. Steve is one of very few leaders in the country who is firmly placed in his heart and, for a long time now, has been focused on the Highest Good for all. His motto is “It’s time for a change” and he is absolutely right.

Allie Lindgren, Trinidad