The fruit of dedication by Madrone

Humboldt County is familiar with politicians who help their friends. Well-connected cannabis investors reap the lion's share of profits, while the economic base of the county — small, environmentally-minded Mom and Pops — are hounded by county ordinances meant to curb outrageous grows.

The county got it wrong and we pay the price. Mercer-Fraser's sweetheart deal, brokered, then backtracked, by Supervisor Sundberg is another example.

Madrone approaches cannabis as business, where incentives for good practices elevate the responsible above the abusive ones. ("It's What, Not How, You Grow," March 23, 2017.)

Sound public policy depends on a commitment over the long-term for community health. Madrone's stellar work on behalf of our Mattole salmon is just one of the gifts his firm, practiced hand has given our local economy.

This year Chinook returned to the Mattole in record numbers, the fruit of dedication by Madrone and those who want this county to be the place our grandchildren proudly call "home."

Michael Evenson, Petrolia