Steve Madrone is visionary.

Steve Madrone is visionary. He sees growing job opportunities for industries of the future, like technology, tourism and restoration, and he sees new possibilities for industries of the past, like fishing, farming and timber. He recently described how timber could use carbon credits to incentivize longer harvest cycles, making a higher-value product while protecting the forest environment.

Timber and marijuana have shown our vulnerability to the "rape and run" tactics of outside opportunists. From Maxxam to Russian cartels, short-term extraction of natural resources has left us a degraded environment and a mess to clean up. Steve Madrone is committed to having clear, consistent land use requirements to keep the playing field level for both small and large players, and to keep the fate of our county's health in the hands of the people who live here. He is the strong advocate we need. Check him out at

Sam King, McKinleyville