Karuk Tribe endorses Steve Madrone

May 10,2018

The Karuk Tribe enthusiastically endorses Steve Madrone for 5th District Supervisor for Humboldt County. Mr. Madrone is a strong advocate for natural resources and will be responsive to the ongoing needs of our Eastern Humboldt County communities.

Mr. Madrone has spent his entire adult career here in Humboldt County over the past 45 years working to restore salmon habitat. This work has been carried out in nearly every watershed in Humboldt County, working with Tribes, agencies, and others to restore our fisheries and uplands.

As a teacher at Humboldt State University, Mr. Madrone includes Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) in his class offerings. In that way he has educated the community regarding thousands of years of stable natural resources stewardship by local tribes. Steve is a consistent supporter of indigenous culture and has encouraged the university to do more to recruit and retain students from local Tribes.

The Tribe is leading numerous community building initiatives that can benefit from a strong partnership with the County and we will need responsive and energetic leadership to accomplish those goals.

The future is complex and we have much to do. We are committed to problem-solving through communication and transparency and believe Mr. Madrone will fulfill his commitment to our respective river communities.

Russell "Buster" Attebery
Chairman, Karuk Tribe