Steve Madrone has the experience we need

But restoration is just the tip of what Madrone does. He has educated generations in land stewardship, brought in millions to fund some of our most visionary and wonderful projects, and trained hundreds to achieve their potential in the workforce. As supervisor Madrone has the experience we need to address many important current issues, including: a McKinleyville Town Center, Visitors’ Vista Point, and a community forest; development in Trinidad; the health of Redwood Creek, the Klamath-Trinity system, the Mad and Eel rivers; food security and economic progress, especially in the Trinity Valley; homelessness and addiction; health and safety; encouraging appropriate light industries; the expansion of the tourism economy and trails; living wages; the marijuana economy, and so much more.

Madrone knows how to bridge the interests of developers’ rights with personal and community property rights. His entire career has been devoted to creating a balance between these often competing needs. Healthy economic development occurs when it simultaneously protects the environment and provides living wages, always building local opportunities, especially for youth, and humane opportunities for the less fortunate.

Madrone has the skills for Humboldt County

I support Steve Madrone for supervisor. I’ve known and worked with Steve for 20-plus years in economic development and natural resource and environmental restoration.

We participated in the National Network of Forest Practitioners in the 1990s, with leaders from rural areas seeking solutions to rebuild their communities following the decline of the timber industry. Steve stood out as he was always looking for incentives to promote sustainable development and restoration, focusing on practical and creative solutions. He is an advocate for the carrot instead of the stick. Because of his effectiveness, he quickly became a national leader and spokesperson for rebuilding rural, natural-resource based communities.

Sundberg supported the Mercer Fraser hash lab on Mad River

It’s instructive to watch Ryan Sundberg attempt to distance himself from Mercer-Fraser’s destructive proposal to build a hash-oil lab right on the banks of the lower Mad River, just upstream of Humboldt County’s primary domestic water supply. In a nervously executed retort, Sundberg tried to assure voters that “At no time did I support the Mercer Fraser permit application.”

Except for when he did. In an April 17, 2018 letter to the county, Mercer-Fraser’s own Sacramento attorneys reveal that they had lobbied the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District “on multiple occasions … with the assistance of Supervisor Ryan Sundberg” to support the Mad River industrial hash lab.

Recently Blue Lake resident and former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Biologist Scott Frazer revealed that, prior to the public outcry over the hash lab, Sundberg had told him that “he was having conversations with both the Water District and Mercer-Fraser to seek changes that would allow the project to move forward. … Ryan’s actions were clearly facilitating the cannabis refinery proposal.”

MMAC does not represent the community

Can Supervisor Sundberg really be credited with “saving” the McKinleyville Community Plan? Like any wide-ranging policy document, it is full of compromises between opposing viewpoints, and uses language open to interpretation.  It would be more accurate to say he “saved” parts important to certain groups, while suppressing parts important to others. 

He deserves credit for complying with the Plan’s mandate for a McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (MMAC), but the committee’s membership does not fairly represent the spectrum of community interests, its scope is very narrow, and its style of operation discourages public input.   For most of its existence, it has not functioned as the true voice of the community intended by the Community Plan. 

Vote for Steve's vision and leadership

We are blessed with this opportunity to restore our economic future by electing Steve Madrone for 5th District Supervisor. For decades, Steve Madrone has worked tirelessly with hundred of people in many communities throughout the County on projects and goals leading to long term prosperity. Vote for Steve's vision and leadership as demonstrated in trail systems and habitat restoration, community forestry, and tuning Humboldt into the clean natural thriving destination that it once was and could be for generations to come! The incumbent intends continue with the same tired politics and failures that have so smeared the current Board. 

We need a BoS that is responsive to the “little people” for a change

I live in Elk River, where our community has suffered flooding and continual damage to our river from industrial logging, first by Maxxam/PL and now by HRC.

Our efforts to protect these watersheds, including the Headwaters Forest watershed, have been stymied by CDF and the Water Board, and also by a BoS unwilling to use lawful regulations to protect the lives and property of residents, and restore precious coho salmon habitat.

We have been attacked by ruffians for trying to defend our homes, and been ignored by the local sheriff, DA and our Supervisors, who appear more aligned with the offenders than their constituents. We need a BoS that is responsive to the “little people” for a change. Steve Madrone in the 5th District would bring that change.

Stephanie Bennett, Elk R

Private property rights

Private property rights is one of the most polarizing issues in Humboldt.  There is righteousness on both sides: owners defending rights to do whatever they want on their land vs neighboring owners and community members defending their land or the public trust from spillover effects

Go with the local endorsements

It’s confusing to see the 5th District’s 3 major Native American tribes endorsing Steve Madrone, and the county’s big 3 elected Democrats endorsing Ryan Sundberg.

I would go with the local endorsements.  I don’t think the state and federal politicians know our local issues and they almost always endorse incumbents.  I probably would, too, knowing the incumbents’ odds of winning, and figuring I would have to work with them for the next four years.

Let's beat the odds with Madrone

​Sam King, McKinleyville

Elect a supervisor who understands science

Of the campaign issues in the 5th District, rezoning of the Mad River floodplain, still stands out. It alarms me that the policies of the four-member majority on this Board of Supervisors and its appointees to the Planning Commission would allow zoning for industrial activities which could threaten public drinking water and important fish habitat.

Steve Madrone says the floodplain can be zoned agricultural under the new General Plan while the supervisor and Planning Commission say it is required to be zoned industrial. Madrone is right (

I hope we elect a supervisor who understands and respects science and agency experts, and who makes the effort to understand land use regulations as Steve Madrone does.

Robert Fornes, McKinleyville

Enthusiastic, positive, knowledgeable and hard working

My husband and I are supporting Steve Madrone for 5th District supervisor. I have worked with Steve in the past on trails and find him to be enthusiastic, positive, knowledgeable and hard working. He also treats people with respect.

I have had some communication with Ryan that was less than respectful when I stated my concerns and offered suggestions. I believe all constituents should be treated respectfully even if we have a difference of opinion. Steve’s experience in working with people of disparate backgrounds and political perspectives makes me hopeful.

Barbara Brimlow, McKinleyville