Madrone Endorsed by Humboldt Democrats and Three Tribes

I'd suggest people read the op-ed piece in the Times-Standard ("Incumbents Endorsing Incumbents," April 26), which explains how our representatives in Congress, Assembly and state Senate ignore the endorsements of our local Democratic central committee to endorse incumbents. Four years ago, Huffman endorsed incumbent Ryan Sundberg even before the filing date for candidates closed.

A change is clearly needed. Vote for Steve Madrone!

When there was a slight possibility to keep Sinclair Media from devouring some of our local airwaves, I called our supervisors to see if they would express concern to the FCC about this sale/takeover by this mega media giant.

I actually spoke with Mr. Sundberg. He commented how he had received calls from other people regarding this issue, yet he was totally clueless and what was worse, he was dismissive. I was basically ignored.

Madrone has expertise and integrity

Steve Madrone has the ideas, skills and vision to serve the Fifth District and people all over the county. He brings a real concern for people to the job of supervisor, with intelligent and well thought-out perspectives on issues from schools to elder housing, from protection of water and natural resources to approaches to cannabis that will serve all of us, not just big business.

Madrone has the expertise to help us navigate economic, social and environmental challenges, and he has the integrity to treat all sides fairly and even-handedly.

Get out and vote for Steve Madrone on June 5

Watershed health should be a core issue in the Fifth District, which has four of our region's "six rivers" running through it. Thus the lack of understanding of basic principles of watershed function revealed in Supervisor Ryan Sundberg's statement that a hash lab project on the Mad River was not a threat to public health because it would be located 2 feet outside the flood plain, is startling.

Madrone represents the working people

Steve is able to cut through red tape and political divides to find creative and collaborative solutions to the issues that threaten our community. He's never been beholden to corporations or outside influences. The endorsements and contributions in this race show who represents the working people and who represents the powerful and elite. Steve has proven time and again that he does not cave to pressure, can't be bought and will never stop speaking on behalf of those who have no voice.

Vote for Steve Madrone as 5th District supervisor

A few years ago, confronted with a pollution problem in the Trinidad area, Steve Madrone helped organize a citizen’s group called the Trinidad Bay Watershed Council….Within two or three meetings, Steve Madrone had convinced everyone to work together on finding solutions to common problems such as failing septic systems. The group eventually raised enough grant money to fix many failing septic systems for free or for low cost, avoiding possible penalties from environmental regulatory agencies.

Sundberg Not Responsive

In closely following the last two supervisorial campaigns, I have noticed that Mr. Sundberg’s described willingness to work with all sides is contradicted by his frequent lack of responsiveness to candidate forums and questionnaires sponsored by organizations on the political left. And I have observed in local policy and decision-making meetings that he and his appointees to other representative bodies rarely solicit or give serious consideration to opinions from outside a like-minded circle of associates.

We Need a Creative Thinker

I have known Steve Madrone for almost forty years, and have been impressed with his many accomplishments, including service on Blue Lake’s City Council and Planning Commission, and a broad background in economic and natural resource issues important in the upcoming 5th District election….It is my opinion that the incumbent too often puts the needs of his financial contributors ahead of those of the rest of his constituents.  It is time for new faces and new ideas on the Board.