Humboldt County’s 5th District needs a leader who will listen, innovate and act for the benefit of all residents. Steve Madrone is that leader.

Here are some of the issues important to Steve. Please scroll to bottom for videos.

Clean Water

Nothing is more precious than a safe, healthy supply of drinking water, and clean, clear rivers and streams where our families can swim, raft, kayak and fish. Water is the heart and soul of Humboldt, and Steve will do everything he can to preserve safe and sustainable waterways that we will be proud to leave our children and grandchildren.

Steve opposes heavy industrial uses in flood plains other than well analyzed and managed gravel extraction and watershed restoration. He will work on updating our laws, regulations and oversight panels, including our Planning Commission, to ensure that our drinking water is protected.

Public Safety

The complex issues of crime, addiction and homelessness demand a comprehensive plan that includes full funding for law enforcement, more affordable housing, job-training and effective prevention services.

We need to help landowners and homeowners use the space they have, by making it easier to build tiny houses, small second units and affordable apartments.

We need to make the most efficient use possible of our county budget, so we can fill all the public safety positions currently funded and add more when possible.

We need better mental health treatment options, and better back-to-work programs to help folks get trained and get jobs.


It’s not what you grow, but how you grow it. We need policies that help small growers flourish, while preserving our rivers, streams and residential neighborhoods. We need appropriate zoning for safe production of cannabis concentrates. Steve will support efforts to make Humboldt home to appellation cannabis and organic, sun-grown specialty products.  Read More

Living Wage Jobs

Now is the time to grow our local economy by diversifying our economic opportunities through responsible agriculture, tourism, alternative energy and sustainable development.

We must focus on sustainable agriculture in cannabis and in forestry. Keeping people at work in forest thinning can reduce fire risk, produce bio-fuel and take advantage of carbon offset marketing. Continued watershed and salmon restoration efforts create jobs while bringing back our fisheries.


Our area is often listed as a top vacation destination and yet McKinleyville has barely tapped the vacationer and ecotourism market. Thousands of travelers pass by McKinleyville every day and very few get off into town to spend money at local businesses.

We can create a new Vista Point Park by combining Vista Point with the county parcel immediately to its south, and improving signage to make it clear that visitors can access this treasure whether traveling north or south on Hwy 101 (via Airport Road). Vista Point Park can be an economic engine, sparking further development at the Airport Business Park and beyond, including lodging, dining, eco-adventures and other visitor services. Visitors who stay longer in our region will visit many small businesses throughout McKinleyville, from sandwich shops to book stores. Read More

Appointments & Staffing

When key positions need to be filled, Steve will reach out to community experts, so that defense lawyers, for example, are included in the conversation about what to look for in a new Public Defender. With Planning Commission and McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee seats, Steve will look for appointments that ensure that these bodies represent the entire community, instead of over-representing the biggest land owners. Read more

Clean Beaches

Our 5th District beaches have the sad distinction of being some of the dirtiest in the state. We can improve our beaches by looking for shared solutions, such as tracking the sources of stream pollution and teaming with landowners on affordable watershed cleanup. Steve supports watershed councils that involve all stakeholders and can bring vital grant dollars into our community, dramatically reducing or even eliminating costs for property owners. Read More

Town Center

McKinleyville needs a Town Center that will speak to the heart of what makes our community strong. Steve envisions opportunities for mixed-use housing, live-work spaces and a wide range of useful retail, providing opportunities for everyone from seniors to entrepreneurial crafts people. In McKinleyville and throughout the 5th District, Steve will support innovative architectural designs incorporating wetland ecology, multi-modal transportation and local cultural opportunities.  Read More