We have no large donors, instead we have many, many small donors who believe in Madrone for Supervisor.  Give what you can, and together we are creating change.  Donations can be securely made on-line by clicking the donate button, or mailed to:  PO Box 1185 Trinidad CA 95570

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Sign-up to volunteer today! We need help with door-to-door canvassing, letter writing, phone banking, and more. Call Meighan at 707-839-2210 or send an email to
meighanobrien at


Show your support.  Endorse Steve! Send him an email

3 Simple Things You Can Do

You got a few minutes to support Steve, right? Here's a few things you can do with those inspired minutes:

1. Write

Steve can use your letters to an editor for support. Pick an issue that interests you. A thoughtful, witty, relatively short (200-300 words best) letter to an editor has the most chance of being published. Backing Steve through your letters helps reach your community. Adoration is also welcome. 

Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number so the editors know you're a real human.

Mad River Union

Letters to the Editor, opinion columns:
Public Service
791 Eighth Street Ste. 8
Arcata, CA 95521

North Coast Journal
weekly deadline for the Thurs. edition is 10 am the Monday of that week


Email to:
Letters to the editor should be no more than 250 words and My Word submissions should be 500-750 words. All submissions must include your true name, address and daytime phone number for verification. Not all submissions are published. Letters to the Times-Standard P.O. Box 3580. Eureka, CA 95502. 707 441-0505/fax:441-0501 Note that only one political letter is allowed per author every 21 days during election season.


EcoNews Editor/Web Director
Morgan Corviday


2. Call

Make a list of three friends. Call them. Tell them about the election. Let them know you support Steve. Let them know about his social media. Like him. Ask your friends to call a couple of their friends today.

3. Conversation

Next time you meet up with your friends, bring up the election in conversation. How and why it matters to you - and should matter to them. Tell them about Steve. Let them know where to find out about him.